The Industrial Park

Gyöngyös Ipari Park Fejlesztő Kft. was founded in 1999. The zone won the title of industrial zone in 2000.


The area accepting green field developments mostly is situated next to the motorway. The current area of the Industrial Zone of Gyöngyös is 50 h, but it is possible to include further areas. According to the zoning plan, the building rate of the property can be 40%, the maximum height of the building can be 20 m and the minimum rate of green areas can be 20%.

The area is not subject to any special environmental limitation. The area of the Industrial Zone of Gyöngyös is prepared for starting new developments, has the necessary licences, permits and studies. The infrastructure of the area is complete. In general, concerning major utilities, such as gas, industrial water and electricity, several suppliers are ready to supply in case of substantial consumption.

 Five companies already have sites in the Industrial Zone of Gyöngyös in the aggregate area of 10 h.

 Gyöngyös Ipari Park Kft. gives discount to local companies upon the purchase of land, this way increasing the chances of local suppliers for obtaining orders.

In a part of the area, the existing utilities allow warehousing and forwarding activities already. Advantages of choosing Gyöngyös as site:

A.The Municipality supports companies settling in the industrial zone and investors by granting business tax allowance or exemption.

 B. The Municipality uses its best endeavours to accelerate the process of obtaining the licences necessary for the operation of companies settling in the industrial zone.

 C. The city and its region have the necessary number of skilled workforce to ensure that investors find employees for their industrial, commercial and service providing activity.

 D. The place is ideal from the aspect of transportation, Budapest can be reached in 50 minutes via the motorway.

 We are looking forward to the responses of companies engaged in industrial, logistic or production activities and wishing to purchase an area of at least 1500 m2.