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Welcome at site of  Gyöngyös Industrial Park Development Kft ! The Gyöngyös Industrial Park Development Kft. was founded in 1999 and the Industrial Park title was rewarded in 2000. The Industrial Park was founded to make Gyöngyös city to able to use the advantages of the location to for the new industry like the short distance from motorway and the availability of the educated human recourses.




There is a possibility to form out greenfield land up to 30 hectare but it is possible to make smaller locations as well up to the needs of future investors. Most of the area is inside of the city and all the required infrastructures available in the border of the lands. There is a high capacity drinking water, wastewater network, up 20 KV electric power connections and the access to the TIGAZ gas pipe. Industrial Park has existing roads with rainwater network and public lighting as well.


The land size and shape will be formed out based on the needs together with Municipality of Gyöngyös according the General Plan of the city.