About Gyöngyös




The city of Gyöngyös, also known as the international city of grape and wine is a small, nice town with a special atmosphere and a population of 35,000 people. Together with the neighbouring settlements, the region has a population of 80,000 people. Gyöngyös is the second largest city of Heves County and the cultural, economic and touristic centre of the Mátra region.

The settlement, also called the Gate of Mátra, is not only an organisational centre, but Mátrafüred, Sástó, Mátraháza and Kékestető belongs to the town for state administration purposes as well. In addition to wine growing, trade and tourism, industry became the determining sector of the economy of Gyöngyös.

Gyöngyös is situated 80 km north-east of Budapest. The town can be reached within one hour from Budapest by car and van on motorway M3, which is also an international route (No E71). From the aspect of industry, a great advantage of the town is that there is an industrial railway in its area.

Next to the industrial railway, a freight station and a loading station can be established. The public port of Csepel is situated 90 km, and the port on the Danube is 80 km away from Gyöngyös. The railway station of the town is situated 13 km away from the main line between Budapest and Miskolc and it is suitable for simultaneous loading of 100 wagons. The airport is 80 km away from the town in Budapest, but there is a landing strip 3 km from Gyöngyös at the airport of Pipis-hegy, which is suitable for sport airplanes and helicopters.